Filmmaker, Musician, Geek.

Chris Fernandez is a freelance filmmaker, musician and designer. He writes, directs, and produces a variety of film and commercial work through his production company Gravitate Productions as well as providing other services via is freelance brands including graphic design, headshot photography, and film scoring.

Chris holds the ambition to work as a full-time professional writer/director/producer, creating high budget music videos, commercials and feature films. Currently, he is studying at the University of Westminster, London and is available to hire for his freelance services.

For most of his life, music has been a key influence in his work – with Chris actively taking part in his university’s musical theatre society as well has his interest in musical films such as La La Land, The Sound of Music, and Singin’ in the Rain. This intense passion for musical theatre and musical films has led Chris on a creative pathway with the end goal of creating feature films, noticeably what he hopes to be his feature film debut, This City of Mine, an original movie musical which began production in Summer 2018.

In pursuit of this goal, Chris is in pre-production of his first musical short film entitled, Turn Back the Time He is also in development of another musical short film entitled, Just Say Hi. Upon completion of these two short films, and upon graduation from university, Chris hopes to rewrite and complete This City of Mine.

Chris has written and recorded several demos for these songs in the hopes to generate interest in the projects. He is also in the process of recording other singles for his own creative fulfilment.

Aside from his professional endeavours, Chris also enjoys performing. In April 2019, he performed with a cast of fellow students in the UWSU Musical Theatre Society’s production of In the Heights, playing the lead role of Usnavi de la Vega.

In June 2019, he cameoed in the short film, What the Rain Hides / Што крие дождот (dir. Sergej Sarcevski) and in November 2019, acted in the short film, Entamaphobia (dir. Omar Haggag), playing the lead character, Josh.

Entamaphobia will be undergoing reshoots in late Summer 2020 with Chris set to continue in the role.

Chris is also a graphic designer – for many years, he has been freelancing as a logo designer and on occation, motion graphics animator. From 2013-2015, Chris had produced the branding and motion graphics for his former secondary school’s student council video bulletins, a biweekly news programme called the PLG News. Chris was also instrumental in the programmes production up until it’s final bulletin in December 2015.

During Summer 2017, Chris designed a new brand for Cardinal Wiseman Catholic Sixth Form Centre. Starting with a logo, Chris had developed a new brand identity and system for the sixth form, The brand identity is still in use today.

Throughout University, Chris has created title treatments and end credits sequences for a handful of short films: Arthur (dir. Nathaniel Benson-Goodyear), Art as Catharsis (dir. Amber Bardell), and Plenty of Space in the Fridge (dir. Daniel Howard-Baker).