Arthur. (2019)
Client: N/A
Production Company: Westminster Film School
Release Date: May 14, 2019
Runtime: 5 min.

“Arthur.” is the story of a man named Steven, who’s life is on a downwards slope until he meets a tablet named Arthur, his artificial inteligence companion.

Directed by
Nathaniel Benson-Goodyear

Screenplay by
Camden Skerman-Stevenson
Babil Khan
Joe Wade
Nathaniel Benson-Goodyear

Director of Photography
Joe Wade

Produced by
Katie Ingleby-Parylo
Chris Fernandez

Production Designer
Julia Chacińska

Film Editor
Jack Marshall


Steven – Allessio Bagiardi
Voice of Steven – Jacob Wilde
Voice of Arthur – Jack Marshall
Woman – Barbara Janasz
Neighbour – Rick Hulme


First Assistant Director – Chris Fernandez

Location Manager – Omar Haggag

Camera Assistant/Gaffer – Clara Gienger

Production Sound Recordist – Marina Roshchina

Runner/Coffee Guy – Omar Haggag

EPK Stills – Omar Haggag & Chris Fernandez

Driver – Oscar Brierley

Colourist – Joe Wade

Sound Editors – Marina Roshchina & Jack Marshall

Assistant Editor/Assistant Sound Editor – Christian Sierra

ADR Recordist – Chris Fernandez

Foley Artists – Marina Roshchina & Christian Sierra

Copyright – Westminster Film School 2019