Devil in the Dark
Client: Lupé
Production Company: JumpStart Pictures/Chris Fernandez Film/Louis Lewinson
Release Date: March 11, 2022
Runtime: 4 min.

Lupé’s (Louis Lewinson) debut single. Devil in the Dark shows Lupé being seduced by a devil, whose sexuality places Lupé in a trance, whereby control over himself is at stake.

Production took place in November and Post-Production took place throughout January and February. My creative contribution in this project involved supporting Louis, using my own training and experience as a director to guide him as he mainly directed this music video. My technical contribution involved adjustments to the edit prior to picture lock, the colour grade and VFX work to clean up many of the shots shown

Roles include:
• Producer
• 1st Assistant Director
• Co-editor
• VFX Clean up & Compositing
• Colourist