I’ve been doing it wrong all this time…
May 16, 2019

I’ve just finished my first year in university and am now in a position where I have virtually all the time in the world to catch up with old friends, do things I haven’t had the time to do while I’m focussing on the course and reevaluate my plan from January 2019.

I’ve made so many improvements to my own life such as using a bullet journal to plan and organise my day, writing in a private journal to collate my thoughts, feelings and better understand myself as well as making progress in my filmmaking journey. However, there have been moments where I’d either missed the mark or just failed to work on at all. This includes things such as my physical health in regards to going to the gym frequently, eating healthily, being smart with my spending, etc.

Part of that can be attributed to how I’d originally planned my future. There is one fundamental flaw in my ten-year plan which I failed to recognise: I’d overcomplicated my life way too much…

Whilst I was able to take my dreams, ambitions & long-term goals and break them down into realistic steps, I’d simply failed to account for the fact that I want to do so much with my life in such a small timeframe. Of course, for most people, ten years is an incredibly long amount of time for most people but for me, there is this undeniable conflict between my goals and the time I’ve given myself to achieve those goals and this conflict shows itself in different ways:

Firstly, there’s the fact that I want to do too much — I know that I’m a multifaceted person in regards to my hobbies and interests. I love making films… but I also love making music… but I also love designing and building things… etc. etc. etc. For whatever reason, I’m into so many different things, it’s unfortunately too much for myself to handle. Consequently, this means that I have to focus on one interest at a time while putting the rest aside. This is something I realised throughout the first year at uni, being able to play musical instruments a lot less due to working on course projects and essays.

I know this is a frustrating thing all of us have, especially those who have a daily routine of working a regular job and waiting for that one moment of free time where they can entertain their interests. I am grateful, however, that I’m able to finally work more things other than student films now that my academic year has ended.

Secondly, I created way too many steps for me to achieve my end goal. For those who know me or are familiar with my past goal-setting blogs, I’ve detailed exactly what I needed to do to achieve everything I want in life. I also mentioned the hundreds of projects I was working on and out of that list of projects, I didn’t even get a chance to begin working on most of them. My thinking back then was that if each project took me closer to my end goal, then it mustn’t have been a bad idea to be taking on so much.

However, what I didn’t account for was the law of diminishing returns where I’d planned so many projects for minimal return. What I’ve learnt from running a business and researching into standard business practices is that a cost/benefit analysis is always made before a project is commissioned. When deciding on doing all of these projects, I’ve failed to account how much return I’d be getting for the amount of time and effort spent and as a result, I’ve had to drop many many projects and commitments, which is admittedly heartbreaking but most likely for the best.

As you can see, while I’d planned my future with some consideration into approaching them realistically, I have a long way to go until I come up with a plan that I am confident in to aid my journey for the next ten years of my life. I better start updating it!

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